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Fengshui healing

Fengshui healing

Fengshui can help you

  • if you have health problems
  • if you afflicted by partnership problems
  • if you have financial problems (debt)
  • if you are in danger of bankruptcy
  • if you suffer from bullying
  • if you have a problem with violence
  • if you suffer from electrosmog
  • if you had to complain vandalism damage
  • if you want to set up your home comfortable
  • if you just want to make your live comfortable
  • if you want to increase your money
  • if you want to rely on proved knowledge
  • if a professional Feng shui consultation on the spot is just too expensive for you
The good news is that you not need to reinvent the wheel, but have access to thousands of years of experience. We will show you what is generally wrong organized and what really helps.

Your life is like you arrange it

Maybe you already show the following symptoms:

    You sleep poorly or only briefly
    You suffer from stress
    You are often restless
    You suffer from a chronic lack of money
    You do not really feel well in your apartment or house
    You are suffering from depression
    Are you looking for a new opportunity for your life
    You feel that your energy and your money run away
    Your business or professional success is missing

We have good news for you:
With the help of Feng shui in most cases it is not only possible to change your home, your garden and your finances positively - but also your entire life.

This site is aimed at people who want to improve their personal environment, their professional or business success, looking to take going their business and enjoy prosperity.
Purposefully we will show you how to recognize even subtle conflicts that can lead to abuses or have already done.

Luck comes to the one who is prepared for it.

Feng shui master (and financial expert) Norbert Drews has developed active strategies that you can fix your home, your finances, your office and business - and so your whole life:

His Feng Shui Essentials are a summary of a clenched secret traditional knowledge with very clear applications in today's world. Even if you would read ten books, you would not have so much immediately useful information and tips for active (re-)designing of your life.
In the Feng Shui Essentials you really find bluntly everything that is important in Feng shui.

You want to be healthy and a lasting impact on your life with a minimum of effort?
With the Feng Shui Essentials of bundled secret knowledge you take your fate active in the hand and can setup your life from scratch. Use the methods that are very successful for thousands of years.

You get this guide for half of what it would cost you going to a restaurant and not even a tenth of what it would cost you a Feng shui consultation on site.
Keep in mind that this guide is a lasting investment for your life and for your well-being.

The three columns of Feng shui are:

  • Residence Fengshui
    for house, apartment and garden
  • Business Fengshui
    for commercial buildings, offices, shopping malls; profits and stimulating money
  • Imperial Feng shui

  • Imperial Fengshui
    for the design of castles, palaces, seats of government and their parks.

In addition, we also practice

  • Gastronomy Fengshui
    for bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants and cafés
    (a kind of business Fengshui), because the guests have to feel good when the gastronomy business shall prosper. Therefore, even large hotel groups already apply Feng shui.

Money & Business Fengshui

Business Fengshui is about the set up and composition of good offices and commercial buildings as well as shops and shopping malls.
In the Feng Shui Essentials Money & Business you find anything about the Fengshui of money, the money management, the flow of money and how to activate the flow direction of money to you.

A chapter is devoted to gastronomy enterprises; it is about the Fengshui of hotels, restaurants and cafés. It is applicable even for a food stand.
Place, location and direction are extremely important!

In Asia, a renowned Feng shui master is required before a commercial building, hotel or restaurant can be built at all.
The Feng shui Essentials Money & Business will show you exactly how to create a very successful business. You will learn how to optimize sales and increase profits to make your business a gold mine.

A condition but there is: Please use the book only to improve your own life and business without harming others!

After President Obama's inauguration the White House has been "cleaned" and newly decorated based on Fengshui principles to create a positive flow of energy and "Good Vibrations".
[The White House is in a shady environment since it is exposed to various "poison arrows" pointing to it.]

Even large companies such as British Airways, Body Shop, IBM and Donald Trump Group already rely on Feng shui to improve their working environment and their profits.

The Asians have long known that architectural forms and color design have a very big impact on mood and social behavior.

Fengshui-designed properties therefore often achieve gains of up to 20%.
Feng shui also prolongs the life and appeal of a building, reducing the need for repairs, increases utilization and reduces vandalism and the fluctuation in the renting.

Read in the Feng Shui Essentials how to eliminate the worst abuses in your area, to be active and targeted to improve your quality of life and happiness.

Learn important details about noise-free housing, energy and vitality, Yin + Yang, the ideal location, about feng shui in a changing climate, light and water and its properties, the Five Elements and the Five Animals, the nurishing and destructive cycle and the Bagua areas of Feng shui.

You read about the specifics of the bedroom, the kitchen, dining room, living room, toilets, stairs, corridors and doors - and how to proceed to solve problems in the best way.

The author of the Feng Shui Essentials

Feng shui master Norbert Drews learned traditional Feng shui in the 1980s, including even with Grandmaster Eva Wong (the tribe governor of Hsuan-k'ung school of Feng shui) in China.
Since 1999 he has worked as a Feng shui counselor for building, furnishing, living, gastronomy, business and Imperial Feng shui.
He is also Tai Chi teacher, I Ching advisor, spiritual healer and financial expert.


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The knowledge of more than 10 Feng shui books in one ebook:
The universal Feng shui guide for
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Feng Shui Lo pan

Fengshui compass
Lo pan = bowl to all


The knowledge of more than 10 Feng shui books in one ebook:
The universal Feng shui guide for
home & garden,
money & business

rating 4.7 out of 5 stars rating 4.7 out of 5 stars rating 4.7 out of 5 stars rating 4.7 out of 5 stars rating 4.7 out of 5 stars

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