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How to make your business a gold mine

Feng Shui Business "The Chinese call Chi as the universal life force. Chi is also the word for breath, the state of a thing or general life energy. Without cosmic Chi no life is possible. The Chi as universal life symbolizes the inexhaustible abundance of the universe. The more chi energy we can get yourself, the higher our personal chi.
Is your ability to absorb cosmic Chi in any way blocked (or your personal environment, your job, your house, your family blocked accordingly), the wealth in your life can not be fully exploited.
Therefore, it is always advisable to be aware of Chi energy and to open and use it consistently.

"The uncontrolled loss of Chi (and money) must be avoided!
Small Chi means small energy. Small energy is called on the material plane: small money, few opportunities, small joy, a lot of fighting, a lot of effort, a lot of fear.
Who knows about this, can turn around the principle any time.

"Are you really able to accept money gladly?
Some people may not have money because they find it some kind of "dirty". This feeling is supported by phrases such as "If you want to see what God has in store of money, look at those he gives it ..." In reality, however, there are also many "innocent", modest and sophisticated wealthy people.
In fact, money is not good or bad, it's a completely neutral means of payment.

You shall win.

"Decide yourself conscious and deep inside for money.
You yourself decide, what you spend your money or which flow direction you choose for it. But first the flow direction of the money should point to you!
Money is a weapon but with money you can also bring much asset to the world!

The conscious and the unconscious often go their separate ways. So should meditate regularly to get also an inner unconsciously decision for the money to make.
Imagine a big pile of money in your room and a large amount with many digits on your statement of account that you hold in your hands and..."

"Resist to the temptation to take the last piece of food (eg pie). Otherwise you would arise energies that damage your property."

Avoid dependence on banks. Use only banks to collect interest.
Do not use overdrafts, even if they are forced upon you. The high interest rates relentlessly devour the assets and accelerate the inability.
In fact, only rich people can afford loans if it is tax-deductible.

"You should also resist the temptation to park your money in offshore havens. Although you first save quite a lot of taxes, but an increasing transparency in a globalized world also hidden accounts in Singapore and Seychelles will surly discovered. This could make a boomerang, and possibly at an advanced age in which you already have more money than you can spend.

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"Flexuous, in turnings smoothly flowing water courses around the house let you come to prosperity quickly and effortless. With straight and fast flowing rivers the luck cannot settle.
Avoid Yin-water which flows fast or falls out of high altitude.

A small waterfall (or a fountain for rooms) in front (!) of the house flows right to it, means major wealthiness.
A small fountain or ponds with rounded forms is preferable.

Indoor fountains and ponds bring great wealth in career and wealth zones (see Bagua) and southeast of the house.
A large foyer is conducive.

The essence of good Feng shui is to capture and accumulate the Chi-energy of a given location without stagnation of this energy.
(Stephen Skinner)

Business houses

"Check the areas of a business house:
After recognizing follows the transformation and energizing by acupuncture measure.

First, to clarify:

  • Where is the best location in the city or in the commercial area?
  • Which office space are promising in a building?
  • How should the layout be used?
  • How should be designed the lobby?
  • What are the desks to be placed in optimum seating position?

"Open-plan offices are very unfavorable. Constant disturbances and unrest suffer concentration and creativity of employees - and also the respect for business and management.
If employees can't sit with the back to the wall, they get a subliminal feeling that they have no backing from the management.
And the partitions are usually so that their edges cutting like a knife through the room. They cause jealousy and conflicts.

"Toilets and restrooms have to be strictly separated from the premises, otherwise positive energy runs down the drain.
Photocopiers and laser printers have a very strong energy field and therefore should be in a separate room.
Reflective windows prevent prosperity and wealth in which the happiness and success in business are mirrored away.

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Shopping malls

In a shopping mall with mostly very high rent the location of the store is particularly important:
First, it should be noted

  • in which area is the mall located;
  • whether the general atmosphere of the mall is really appealing;
  • as the total energy flux of the mall;
  • how the energy flow is oriented of the shop you want to rent;
  • in what manner and direction is the customer flow;
  • where is the best position of a store in the mall;
  • whether your business is jeopardized by escalators directly pointing on you;
  • whether there might be a thick column disturbs the flow of energy in front of your store;
  • if your products can be presented adequately in the store;
  • whether the shop windows reach the floor (profit then flows out) and how to change this.
  • if the shop can be designed so that it is really inviting;
  • whether the entrance area can be designed almost magical;
  • whether the layout of the store including the trailing spaces is designed so that you and your staff can feel at home there!

Gastronomy Fengshui

Feng shui Home + Garden

"Gastronomy Fengshui: In restaurants and cafés round tables are desirable. Also at the diner. They facilitate communication and have no corners you can butt to or which you have to sit to. Also, they should not stand too close together, so that privacy is guaranteed.

To have many places and covers first create a lot of sales, but if guests feel harassed by fullness, tightness, noise and bustle, they stay out of it.
Comfortable chairs and good air circulation are important.
Seats with backs to the wall and look at the door are naturally is best.

"Banks - but also hotels and snacks - should make sure that there are no specially designed (glass) objects at bank counters, reception desks and counters that literally cuts the link between bank and customer and hotel and guest. [Nowadays is run a lot of design mischief.]

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Business Feng shui for fortune and prosperity:

Secret ancient knowledge on the subject of money, office, business, shops, gastronomy, real estate purchase etc. with useful applications to optimize sales and profits summarized in a master ebook.
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The author of the Feng Shui Essentials

Feng shui master Norbert Drews learned traditional Feng shui in the 1980s, including even with Grandmaster Eva Wong (the tribe governor of Hsuan-k'ung school of Feng shui) in China.
Since 1999 he has worked as a Feng shui counselor for building, furnishing, living, gastronomy, business and Imperial Feng shui.
He is also Tai Chi teacher, I Ching advisor, spiritual healer and financial expert.

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