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Feng shui and Money

It's about value, which includes not only profit, but real wealth. Our greatest asset is the environment in which we live. Therefore, try as often as possible to act ecologically, also to increase gain!
You can invest for example in environmental funds and renewable energy (at achieving high returns in the meantime) and thereby improve the feng shui of the entire planet, while simultaneously increasing your money. So you create a double wealth.

If a person is right in his self-fullfilling natural Mandala, all his wishes and dreams come true, including his spiritual enlightenment.

A fountain with fluent water putted in the entrance-rooms causes prosperity and luck. But the fountain must be properly aligned if it is to bring happiness and wealth!

This and more about Money Fengshui learn in our Guide
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Everything what happens outside has its inner analogy. A good many times something must be given up to be able to turn a new leaf.


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