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Feng shui counselor team

Our consulting team consists of a group of advanced Feng shui students of our teacher Norbert Drews.
Taken together, we have nearly 30 years of feng shui counselor practice.

Life is like we arrange it
says our teacher.

In our experience we have found that Feng shui is not only for the apartment, the house or garden, but for the whole life. Therefore we have made it our mission to make Feng shui public, transparent and accessible for all.
Practiced Feng shui also serves to protect our environment.

We like to help people who suffer from internal and external abuses to realize their dreams.

Our teacher Norbert Drews learned traditional Feng shui in the 1980s, including even with Grandmaster Eva Wong (the tribe governor of Hsuan-k'ung school of Feng shui) in China.
Since 1999 he has worked as a Feng shui counselor for building, furnishing, living, gastronomy, business and Imperial Feng shui.
He is also Tai Chi teacher, I Ching advisor, spiritual healer, financial expert and author of Feng Shui Essentials.

Feng Shui masterFeng Shui master

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Feng shui counselor, consulting, Practiced Feng Shui, environment Feng-shui, apartment, house or garden. Practiced Feng shui also serves to protect our environment.


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