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Feng shui Home + Garden

"Sensitize your perception of your environment: visit yourself. What would catch the visitor's eye at first?
Refuse bins, shoes, drink boxes, unfilled work; does the visit become an obstacle course?
Or do you see a color-coordinated, fresh cladding, a wide and clear entrance? What strikes you first in the rooms? Is it tidy, are sharp edges pointing at you?

Learn to be aware of hidden "poison arrows" as sharp edges and brinks, pitched roofs, columns, masts, peaks etc."

"The karma of a building depends on what happened on this place before. Even the actions of former inhabitants are important.
Harmonic families, respectable and arty people leave good energies. All associativity with death, violence, crime and illness will leave to negative energies. Avoid those places!
Neutral locations, places and buildings exist, of course.
The deciding question is: Why did the owner leave?

You should forebear from it if

  • the building is on a former cemetery
  • the building is on a ground which has connection to crime and murder
  • a Slaughterhouse, butcher's shop, funeral company, morgue, prison, hospital etc. former on this ground
  • a person was murdered in the house or met with accidental death
  • the house is vacant because of bankruptcy or condemnation."

"Sharp objects from metal (especially luminous), stone, wood, branches or quoins should not point to the house or to your self. In the worst, they point to the door or the window of your sleeping-room. This can be also applied to sharp objects on pictures

"Avoid apartment-houses with long corridors, especially the flat at the end of a corridor (concentrated destructive energy).
Direct to an elevator or stairs, prosperity will flow away quickly as well. Particularly cramped corridors (Yin-overplus) need a lot of light (Yang of the sun).

Wherever the evil approaches: Gosh, you contract it by yourself!
Wherever the blessing approaches: The one who created it, is you!

Bed / Bedroom


The Bedroom should be the most-protected space of the house. It should have only one door, equally formed, without covers-sloping and beams.

The bed should not stand between window and door. The energy flow would be too fast and this causes worried sleep.

The bedroom door should not face a kitchen or bathroom door and stairs directly. In this case a wind chime helps. The door also should not be across from another door or a mirror. In this case keep the door close and hang up a lamp or a wind chime in between.

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Fengshui in general

"One badly sits at an edge of a table, at open book shelves, at a door or an elevator, at stairs, at a long, cramped hall, at a toilet door, at the edge of a column. One can easily become a victim of deception and intrigues if one has a door or a window in the back.
You should have the wall in your back (turtle aspect) with view to the door. Hang up a picture of a mountain chain on this wall. A cupboard can be used as a mountain symbol, but no shelves because their shelves are cutting the energy

"Plants and trees promise luck (the element wood counts for increase and development). Even more if they can grow in the family-, wealth- or partnership-zone. Trees and indoor plants should be trimmed regularly to avoid overgrowing of rooms and houses.
No plants with thorns at the entrance! Cacti emit poisonous, cutting "Cha"; maybe protecting in front of the house but harmful indoors.
Avoid bonsai trees (artificially trimmed).

The finest of the subtle, that is the door to all secrets.
(Lao tzu)


Feng-Shui - Life is like we arrange it

"Only conifers or grass come across as monotone. Bring in flowers and colours as well as funny accessories. Always arrange a place for useful plants (strawberries as border; carrots, radish and salad in the flowerbed.
Beside open areas should be areas which are abundantly covered with vegetation, beside water stones, beside coniferous trees deciduous trees; combine big ones with small ones, spiny ones with smooth petalled ones, shrubs with wide cantilevered plants.
Animation zones should alternate with resting places, light ones with clouded ones.

"The central area should be clean (e.g. grass). As possible, the highest trees should grow on the dragon side (left), lower bushes and flowers on the tiger side (right). Let the Phoenix-aspect with a clear view (it don't have to become overgrown).

"Too much water in the garden can be neutralized with wood energy (objects from wood, reed, cattails, rushes, water lilies). A wooden footbridge creates distance, a light emitter brings fire energy.

"Favorable plant-combinations are those which promote themselves mutually and protect against pests: carrots and tomatoes besides onions, tomatoes besides parsley, salad besides radish, peas besides celery, potatoes besides cabbage.

"A compost heap change rubbish into future Chi. Because of the symbolic of "future prosperity" it should be better out of the wealth zone.

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The author of the Feng Shui Essentials

Feng Shui master Norbert Drews learned traditional Feng Shui in the 1980s, including even with Grandmaster Eva Wong (the tribe governor of Hsuan-k'ung school of Feng Shui) in China.
Since 1999 he has worked as a Feng Shui counselor for building, furnishing, living, gastronomy, business and Imperial Feng Shui.
He is also Tai Chi teacher, I Ching advisor, spiritual healer and financial expert.

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The knowledge of more than 10 Feng shui books in one ebook:
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